Friday October 27 is Parent Teacher Conferences, and NO SCHOOL. That evening PTO will host their annual Trunk of Treat here in the back parking lot of the school from 6:00-9:00pm.
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Your Fifth Grader Will Learn...

Meet Mrs. Wall

Your child will grow exponentially in the fifth grade at St. Paul’s Catholic School.  In this last year of elementary school, we provide an atmosphere for your child to grow not only academically and spiritually, but also to become a more independent student and take on increased responsibility for their academic and personal successes.

In the fifth grade, children come to understand their faith on a more profound level through study of what Catholics believe.  The Creed is the framework for this study.

In the fifth grade, your child will continue to build their language arts skills by reading and writing in a variety of genres and in all subject areas.  Grammar, spelling, and vocabulary continue to be expanded and improved.   Your child will also receive one last bout of handwriting instruction.

In the fifth grade, your child will learn about our country’s history and learn a little bit about all the states and their capitals.  Current affairs, geography and Christian values are tied in to our social studies program.

In the fifth grade, your student will advance their knowledge of the scientific method through numerous hands-on learning activities.  In addition, several field trips, including MOSS* (McCall Outdoor Science School) offer great authentic outdoor learning experiences for your child.  *(Every other year for 5th & 6th grades.)

In the fifth grade, your child will extend their understanding of math concepts as we begin to use the division algorithm, algebraic expressions, and work extensively with decimals and fractions. Geometry, measurement, problem-solving and data analysis is also in the curriculum.

In the fifth grade, your child will continue to use computers to aid their learning in all subjects.  Specific computer skills include keyboarding, computer science, research, and word processing.   Internet safety is emphasized in all these activities.  Computers are available in the classroom and the computer lab.

In addition, your fifth grader will continue to increase their knowledge of Spanish as well as participate in music, physical education, and health classes.

Our before and after school care is available to all St. Paul’s students from 6:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The cost is only $3.00 an hour.

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"At St. Paul's School we have found dedicated staff, a welcoming environment and a true sense of community. We have constant and direct communication with our teachers, so much that we have their cell numbers! Through the open dialogue we are kept up-to-date on our children to address any challenges and build on successes. In addition, we know our children are receiving a fantastic education while at the same time being loved and nurtured in their faith.  We are so glad to be part of the St. Paul's family!"

- Matthew and Beth Ineck