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Financial Aid Policy

2017-2018 Academic Year

St. Paul’s Catholic School is instituting a new Financial Aid policy. Until now, Financial Aid has been granting a discount on Tuition. It wasn’t a scholarship. With a scholarship, actual money is given to assist in paying tuition. If a discount is given, then no money is coming in to fill in the gap between the discounted tuition and the actual cost. This causes the school to easily fall short of its budget numbers.

When the difference between money brought in from tuition and money spent to run the school doesn’t match, what happens? St. Paul’s School must take money from the savings account to make up the difference. This can only happen so long before money runs out.

St. Paul’s Catholic School wants to help you as much as we can. Having your children in the school is important to us. The school also has to be able to cover the costs of this great education.

What’s new?

Beginning with the 2017-2018 enrollment year, our Finance Aid will come from a fund that contains actual money. Therefore, when Financial Aid is given, actual money will transfer from the Financial Aid Fund to a family’s school account.

What does that mean?

There is a fixed amount of Financial Aid available. Once all the money from the Financial Aid Fund is given out, there is no more Financial Aid available.

Who can receive Financial Aid?

Since the Financial Aid Fund is provided for by the parishioners of St. Paul’s Parish, Financial Aid will be available for:

  • Families who are registered members of St. Paul’s Parish.
  • Attend weekly Mass (here or other parishes, for one isn’t always in Nampa on the weekend)
  • Is a contributing member of the parish. Contributing means giving of time, talent and treasure.

How to apply for Financial Aid?

  1. Meet with the Financial Aid Committee
  2. Submit a most recent tax return
  3. Submit a current monthly budget

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Morrie Berriochoa at (208) 466-7031 or