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Your Third Grader Will Learn...

Meet Miss. Ressler

At St. Paul’s Catholic School in the third grade, our students put their knowledge to work. Coursework becomes more challenging and the expected academic growth of our students is elevated. In addition, third graders are expected to complete five hours of community service. Students learn to work in small cooperative learning situations, independently, and in a total group setting.  Learning organizational skills and time management is an integral part of third grade. Working together for the whole development of the child involves a close relationship with parents.  Consistent communication is a great connective piece and helps in developing this sense of community in our class.

In the third grade, your child will advance their reading and language skills by utilizing a variety of materials. Students are required to read nightly to build fluency, vocabulary, and exposure to texts.  A variety of opportunities are incorporated for developing the student’s public speaking skills through poetry, speeches, and oral presentations.

In the third grade, your child’s writing skills will be advanced as students write chapter stories from a variety of genres including narratives, informative texts, and pursuasive essays . Students will also learn cursive in third grade through explicit practice using the program Handwriting Without Tears. 

In the third grade, your child will advance their social study skills by better understanding communities, mapping and geography skills, and the United State Government. Students will also be immersed in learning about cultures within our community, reasons for immigration, and the American Dream. A variety of field trips are included as a means to extend their learning beyond the classroom including visiting the Anne Frank Memorial and the Basque Museum. 

In the third grade, your child will better understand science through plants, animals, and the ecosystem. STudents will also learn about forces & motion, states of matter, planets, and the reason for the seasons.  Experiments and outside presenters help develop these units. Many hands-on activities are implemented.  Presentations through Deer Flats, Idaho Power, and others enrich students learning. A variety of field trips are included as a means to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

In the third grade, your child’s math knowledge will expand by focusing on mastery of the multiplication and division facts. Students learn that there is more than one way to reach a correct answer.  Numerous manipulates help develop the concepts being taught. Proving how they got their answer is the core to their learning.  Students work with fractions, area, perimeter, measurement, and probability. Students work with Khan Academy to help expand their practice.

In the third grade, building on the foundation of lessons learned in early childhood, students in the third grade come to know our Father in heaven, His Son, Jesus, and what life with Jesus looks like, giving special emphasis on God’s love and mercy. 

In the third grade, your child will expand their computer coding, spanish, and art skills through a weekly rotation with Mrs. Wall, Mrs. Sarabia, and Miss. Ressler.

In addition, your third grader will learn basic exercise and physical activities and well as how to push themselves to maintain a healthy lifestyle in Physical Education and Health courses. Third graders will advance their computer skills in computers class and become musically inclined through their choir and music courses. Students will also have a weekly visit to the school library. 

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