Friday October 27 is Parent Teacher Conferences, and NO SCHOOL. That evening PTO will host their annual Trunk of Treat here in the back parking lot of the school from 6:00-9:00pm.
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Your Child Will Learn Spanish...

Meet Ms. Graham

The Spanish language is very important at St. Paul’s Catholic School. Many of our students are bilingual and our St. Paul’s Catholic Church has many parishioners who are from Spanish speaking countries.

We believe that learning a new language is critical to advancing a child’s education and that is why our students start learning the Spanish language in kindergarten.

Your child’s grade level will determine the amount of Spanish they take per week.

Your middle school student will have thirty minutes of Spanish lessons four days a week.

Our goal is for your child to be prepared for Spanish I or even a more proficient level when they enter high school, however we are proud to say that a majority of St. Paul’s students test out of Spanish I when they start high school and go directly into Spanish II.

Find out more about our great Spanish program.

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