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Your Child Will Take Health and Physical Education Classes...

Meet Mr. Fischer

St. Paul’s Catholic School physical education program makes its students believe that they are capable, and allows them opportunities to successfully connect and contribute in their class.

One of our school’s learning expectations is physical well being.

In P.E. and health class, students will build a positive self-awareness, understand their bodies are the temple of God, and develop life-long healthful habits and skills.

Physical education at St. Paul’s includes a wide spectrum of games and sports that range from darts to basketball, where students will learn how to work and cooperate with others. This is where they will also learn the value of teamwork, organization and the importance of good sportsmanship.

All students in kindergarten through eighth grade participate in P.E. classes and health classes.   The health program is modified for each class level and is focused on providing health knowledge and skills with the goal of preparing and empowering students to value and engage in life-long healthy lifestyles. 

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in competitive sports through the Treasure Valley Catholic Schools (TVCS) athletic program.

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