Friday October 27 is Parent Teacher Conferences, and NO SCHOOL. That evening PTO will host their annual Trunk of Treat here in the back parking lot of the school from 6:00-9:00pm.
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Your Child Will Learn and Appreciate Music...

Meet Mrs. Villegas

We at St. Paul’s Catholic School, and our Roman Catholic Faith, believe that beauty leads us to God. The music program at St. Paul’s strives to give students beauty and God through the joy of music.

The music curriculum at St. Paul’s is built on the National Standards for Music Education and modeled by the Nampa School District music curriculum and Common Core priorities.

In music class, your student’s priorities are: music performance (singing, playing instruments), listening, reading music, learning music history, developing an appreciation for world music.

Our goals include:

  • Students will grow to enjoy singing in a group and be comfortable using their singing voice alone. Our music program helps all students find and use their best singing voice using age-appropriate songs and vocal exercises.
  • Students will learn to listen analytically to music and become discriminating listeners, able to identify elements of music and how they effect the sound. These elements may include quality of sound like hi/lo, fast/slow, short/sustained, different instruments including orchestral and world, as well as styles of music and how music expresses mood or imagery.
  • Students will learn to read music on a basic level, identifying clefs, direction of movement, letter names of notes, and basic rhythms. In addition to singing, recorders, chimes and Orff instruments are among the tools used in third through fifth grades. This helps bring together and reinforce these musical concepts. Younger grades learn the basics of rhythmic notation and the hi/lo movement of pitches.

Students in third grade through eighth grade may sing in the school choir, which primarily leads the Friday school Mass. Additionally, choir students are invited to sing for our parish Masses on a monthly basis during the school year.