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Your Fourth Grader Will Learn...

Meet Mrs. Sarabia

Your student is growing, and we at St. Paul’s Catholic School are proud of the growth we see in our fourth graders each year. Fourth grade is a transitional year into upper elementary grades; with that comes increased expectations and continued growth. Students are working in a variety of areas of new learning. As their teacher I’m here to support, encourage, and nurture their experience.

In the fourth grade, your student’s language arts skills focus on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading and how to understand what they have just read. The fourth grade is an important year in writing, as your child will focus on mastering their cursive writing. We use the Handwriting Without Tears program that uses multi-sensory learning for helping advance their cursive skills.

In the fourth grade, social studies is a big year for Idaho students as they focus on our great state. After learning about Idaho, our students take an end of the year field trip called Wagon’s Ho Day. This all day learning experience provides students with a hands-on experience of the life of a pioneer.

In the fourth grade, science curriculum is centered on earth science and the ongoing changes to our earth’s surface. Physical science also plays a big role in student’s education with the focus on matter, motion and magnetism.

In the fourth grade, your student’s math classes will focus on multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and an introduction to variables and algebraic expressions. All math instruction is primarily centered on individual, partner and small group learning.

In the fourth grade, students delve deeper into the story of Salvation History and continue learning about how Jesus is “concealed” in the Old Testament and “revealed” in the New Testament.

In the fourth grade, students learn word procession, how to use a spreadsheet, Internet safety, search strategies, multi-media programing, graphic art, and keyboarding. Computers are available in each classroom for our students to use.

In addition, your fourth grader will learn Spanish as well as participate in music and physical education classes.

Our before and after school care is available to all St. Paul’s students from 6:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The cost is only $3.00 an hour.

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"VALUES matter to us. In a faithful Catholic school, parents can be sure that traditional Christian values are being taught and modeled for our children. At  St. Paul ’s School, our children receive more than just an exceptional academic education, they are being formed into young men and women of integrity and strong moral character."

- Glenn and Joan Ann Piper