As the principal of St Paul’s Catholic School in Nampa, I am overjoyed to announce innovations in curriculum and program that should benefit our parishioners and their children for years to come. In this decision and direction we follow the lead of our Holy Mother Church in her directives toward culture, curriculum and sacramental preparation.

In the effort to provide the best spiritual formation possible, St. Paul’s Catholic School will bring daily mass to students and faculty from Monday through Thursday. Friday will be a day for reconciliation and adoration. Students of younger years will attend Mass on a weekly basis.

At St. Paul’s, Catholic comes first. In the literature we read, in the art we study, in our approach to science, history, nature and faith formation, we search first through reputable Catholic publishers to provide the highest quality curricular resources and on-line support and testing. We recognize that we are beneficiaries of the most influential and deeply formational approach to education in the history of the world, and we consider our Catholic tradition the foundation, inspiration and guiding light of all our decisions and planning.

In order to provide the best possible education for the youth, we will implement a classical education of the whole person in mind, heart, body and soul. This very approach in itself will encourage all the 21st century skills that are so desirable in our society–love of learning, collaboration, creative and critical thinking.  A kindergarten (preschool), grammar school (grades -4), and middle school academy (emphasis on logic in grades 5-8) organize our school into distinct phases of education that are appropriate to the developmental stages of youth.

A renewed commitment to the arts and great works will nourish our children by exposing them to the great minds of the last 2500 years as well as unlock their own creative potential. An appreciation of art is a transformation key to unlock our sympathy of all people in all times. It is also a divine key to open our hearts to the love of God. Our approach to competitive athletics will encourage self-sacrifice, discipline, courage and daring in our youth. We compete hard. We are gracious in victory and defeat, and in learning that behavior we learn that the deeper victory is on the formation of solid character. We are not preparing professionals; rather we are preparing students to enter any career field and become the ethical leaders of the next generation.

An education at St. Paul’s Catholic School will be the wonderful privilege of parents who are dedicated to the faith and well-being of their children. I am enormously pleased to announce this to parishioners throughout the diocese. For further information you may contact me directly ( or (208) 467-3601) or explore our website for more details on faculty, programs and philosophy.