St. Paul’s Catholic School has revised its curriculum and increased its faculty to serve your family more fully. Our bus will deliver to and from Corpus Christi and Our Lady of the Valley parishes every morning and afternoon free of charge. In the month of May, we would like you to spend some time with Holy Mother Mary in prayer to ask her a few questions. How May she guide you? Let’s see.

  • May my child benefit from a rich formation in the faith?
  • May it benefit my child to have an education that serves the whole child through rigorous academic instruction that focuses on great books and great ideas?
  • May my child grow through a thorough exposure to art, music and drama?
  • May my child grow through active participation in electives and clubs in the sciences, technology, and the humanities?
  • May my child grow through a daily sacramental life?
  • May my child grow in courage and self-sacrifice through participation in competitive sports?
  • May my child flourish in a culture that cherishes the true, the beautiful and the good?
  • May my child enjoy smaller classes with loving children and teachers?
  • May my child grow in confidence and poise by participation in drama, choir, and art exhibits as well as spelling, geography, and debate competitions?
  • May my family benefit from the support of a parochial school?

If your answer is maybe, then isn’t it worth investigating the new St. Paul’s? We are here to serve you and care for your family.

Catholic education forms the whole person. Classical education addresses each stage of human development. St. Paul’s Catholic School is deeply Catholic, deeply human.

To learn how your child may become the best version of him/herself, visit us at or call Michelle at (208) 467-3601.