This came from Deputy Gomez, a local school resource officer and area expert about online issues. 

What screen time is most addictive this year?

1) TikTok is the up and coming brainwashing machine. Many trends are being started and guided by older men so your kids will be easier victims. It is common to see innocent videos posted by 12 year old girls showing 20k – 300k likes by random users. Hmmmmmm, I wonder how old the 1000’s of adult men liking and commenting on those videos are. Men are also grooming your children to accept money for pictures of themselves which can lead to sextortion and human trafficking very quickly.

2) Snapchat is by far the most popular for its ability to hide things from parents. Even if you are friends with them with your own Snapchat account you can be muted to only see what they want you to see. Parents have no idea how much mental manipulation happens on here.

3) Instagram is also in the list because parents think they understand this app better than others. Conversations, pictures, and accounts can easily be hidden from parents.

4) Fortnight. This game will still get your kids and husbands very addicted. I have been to more than a few 911 calls where kids melt down when they have to stop playing this game. Many a parent has felt hostage in their own house to this game.

5) Roblox. This application is made to start on the younger kids (5-11) so that they will be warmed up to the above mentioned addictions when the time is right. While Roblox does have some educational qualities it will addict your small children all the same. There are some dangers associated with Roblox which I have discussed in previous posts.

As always the best way to combat screen time is with family activities.