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Advisory Board

The advisory board acts in a consultative capacity to the pastor and principal.  In other words, being advisory means they do not make policy, and are not responsible for policies or actions of the school, but do offer advice, ideas, input, etc. to the pastor and principal who do make policy and do have legal and fiduciary responsibility.  Advisory board members have limited liability.  This differs from the public school boards of our surrounding communities.

The committees meet monthly and their meetings are open to all stakeholders.  The work done in these committees is critical to the successful operation of our school.  Parent input to these committees is helpful and welcome.  It is during these committee meetings that issues are worked out, ideas are vetted, and policies for the school are drawn up.  Information regarding time and location of committee meetings will be emailed to the school community and posted on the school’s website.  While the Advisory Board Meetings function as closed meetings, parents may request to be put on the agenda and speak to the board by contacting the Principal or the Advisory Board President.  The person will be given a time to enter the meeting and address the Advisory Board.

The work of these committees is then submitted to the School Advisory Board, which meets quarterly.  The Advisory Board receives information weeks in advance of a meeting in order to fully understand the information presented.  The work of the School Advisory Board is to seek clarity on work done at the committee level, and to vote on committee recommendations.

The Executive Committee

This committee consists of the Advisory Board President, Vice-President, Secretary, Pastor, and Principal.  Responsibilities include developing committee structure, duties, and non-Advisory Board membership of committees.

Finance Committee

This committee meets monthly to oversee the financial status of the school, create an annual budget, and make financial recommendations.

Operations/Education Committee

This committee reviews and evaluates all aspects of the accreditation process, makes recommendations for short, mid-range and long term improvements, develops and proposes policy recommendations.  This committee will have a primary focus on:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Academic Performance
  • Academic Tools and Environment

Strategic Planning/Marketing/Development Committee

This committee works to develop long range plans and concepts to provide strategic guidance for long term growth and success of the school.  This committee will develop and communicate touchstone plans for St. Paul’s including:

  • 5-year plan: a comprehensive plan for developing organizations, structures and processes to improve St. Paul’s over the next five years
  • Marketing and Development: plans and directions for sustaining and increasing support for the school
  • Facilities Master Plan

Committee Members

Mr. Kevin Stradther
Mr. Morrie Berriochoa
Ms. Gina Urquidi
Mr. Scott Coulter (Principal) (Vice-Chair)
Mrs. Wendi Gilliam
Mr. Carey Lytle (President)
Mr. Scott P’Pool(Secretary)
Fr. Vogel (Pastor)
Mr. Scott Coulter (Principal)
Strategic Planning/Marketing/Development
Mrs. Ingrid Batey (Chair)
Mr. Carey Lytle (Vice-Chair)
Mrs. Beth Ineck
Mr. Sal Villegas
Mr. Scott Coulter (Principal)
Mr. Scott P’Pool (Chair)
Mr. Bill Graham  (Vice-Chair)
Mrs. Annette Wall
Mrs. Tammy O’Rourke
Mr. Scott Coulter (Principal)
Mrs. Suzanne Nienhouse

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